What is
Μedia Caddy

Media Caddy is a smart digital signage display unit, placed at points of sale in various establishments. This innovative device contains a built-in high-definition LCD screen, 3 storage compartments to hold advertising/promotional items and/or accessories& 2 USB charging ports.The location of the Media Caddy varies according to the type of advertising and the desired target group.

check Restaurants
check Cafe - Bars
check Retail stores
check Hotels
check Pharmacies
check Doctor's office
check Gyms
check Super Markets
check Gas stations

Media Caddy specifications

Its functionality and ergonomic design make it a handy and useful tool. Due to its cloud technology, the management of digital content can be carried out remotely in real-time.

Cloud technology

Distant management of ads through the cloud.

USB ports

Contains 2 USB ports for charging any mobile device

Wireless Connection

Wireless Wi-fi Connection from your router

Technical Support

Always at your service for any problem


How it works

We analyze and set your advertising campaign’s goals in order to find the best solution. We create for you high quality digital advertising, according to your needs. Selection of adequate points of sale and display, targeting your potential clients.

check Data analysis for the ideal display solution
check Creation of interactive, high quality advertisements
check Targeted display to the consumers

Smart and efficient display with one, unique tool.

15-minutes advertising loop

Your ad will be displayed 4 times an hour, resulting in greater efficacy.

Targeted advertising

Target your desired audience, with great accuracy and the right criteria.

High-resolution content

The graphics we create combined with the LCD screen, result in the display of eye-catching, impressive spots

Ad Management

Flexible and instantmanagement of your display preferences.Abilityto makechanges and updates at any time.

Exciting content

High-resolutionand contrast graphics combined with short, comprehensive text, create a professional and efficient advertisement. Attract new customers with exciting advertising messages.

check Higher audience interaction rate
check Adjusted content for products and offers
check Flexible, real-time updating of advertisements

24-hour Support

We provide non-stop live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your immediate service, viaphone or e-mail, for your problems and questions. Our goal is to constantly increase our credibility and level of service.

check 24-hour availability and monitoring to ensuresmooth functioning
check Specialized personnel for resolving technical issues
check Immediate response to requests

Media Caddy attracts attention

Gain access to Media Caddy’s dynamic digital signage network. Influence consumer habits at points of sale and display. Correct placement of the Media Caddy at points of sale, increases clients’ interaction rate with your products.

Business owners are fully satisfied with the Media Caddy.


Attract your customers and increase your sales instantly


An efficient tool for promoting products in dining areas


Increase customers residence time in store


Increase your brand awareness


Offer public amazing experience with unique exciting content


A useful marketing tool for every bussiness


Did you know

  • More than 40% of consumers say that digital signage can influence their shopping decisions, because it is displayed near the point of sale.
  • Digital signage has a recall rate of 83% and can attract 400% more views than a static message
  • 63% of adults say that digital signage attracts their attention
  • Digital signage has a 47,7% effectiveness on brand awareness and creates a total increase in sales volume by 31,8%


Dama Koupa


From the beggining of our partnership, cooperation is flawless. Professional approach, smart ideas, quick application and uploading. The Media Caddy is a pleasant oasis..



The Media Caddy is a multi-functional tool for Beluga. It promotes our many events such as live shows,that often take place. In general, the Media Caddy can be considered one of Beluga’s most useful acquisitions.

Vithos Cafe Bar


A very useful tool for every establishment. The company is extremely helpful



We are very happy with the service! We thank the Media Caddy a lot as it has helped a lot in promoting our products in our shop.

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